Category: Tournament Director

Help for a tournament director with setting up and managing a tournament.

Custom Fields

We are excited to announce that custom fields are now available. You can add them in the tournament or seminar setup pages. It is included for free as part of the overall management. The custom fields can be assigned at the user or athlete level. They can also be optional or required. If the field is required, you can create a custom error message with instructions or further information the user may need. It is […]

Coach Pass Sales is Live

One of the most requested features was the ability to sell coach passes along with registration and ticket sales. We are proud to announce it is alive and working! Simply turn on the feature when you setup your tournament. The is a $1 fee per pass. See the Product Info page for full details. So you still have all your options open, you still have the ability to add passes manually. If you want you […]

Spectator Ticket Sales is Live

We are happy to announce that spectator ticket sales are available now!  And just like everything we do here at TourneyGo, we have done our best to design it to make it as beneficial to the tournament director as possible. The ticket creation is flexible.  You can create as few as one ticket or as many as you desire.  Each is assigned its own price.  You can also create as many discount codes as you […]