Category: General Info

General Help that applies across the entire TourneyGo site.

I Keep Getting Server Errors

TourneyGo sometimes has issues when it is reached from behind corporate/company firewalls. This includes if your mobile device is utilizing the corporate/company WiFi. We are working on coming up with a better method to avoid this issue currently. In the interim, we suggest trying it from home or somewhere else that isn’t behind a firewall. Also, as noted in another article, make sure you aren’t using a Firefox browser as it suffers PayPal incapability issues. […]

Issues with Firefox and PayPal

While we do the best we can to be browser independent, sometimes we find a problem with a particular browser. Currently, there is a known issue when using the Firefox browser. When TourneyGo attempts to hand off the transaction to PayPal, the browser simply refreshes the TourneyGo payment page. This issue will prevent you from being able to make payment. We will continue to work to try and support all browsers, but in the meantime […]

PayPal Won’t Take My Card

Unfortunately, this isn’t an issue that TourneyGo can fix for you.  PayPal doesn’t accept some types of debit cards for various reasons.  There can be other failure card types like misidentified fraud.  The best we can offer you in this case is to ask you to contact PayPal and make a determination of the reason and try to correct it with them. Sometimes a more simple path is to just use another credit card or […]

Why TourneyGo?

So what is TourneyGo?  Why is it of benefit to me? TourneyGo is a vision that our founder, Bob Lennard, started mulling over about 5 years ago.  He grew up in the IT industry and understands then benefits of effective software.   He also started Taekwondo with his family in summer of 2010.  This is the intersection of the two things coming together. Like all parents involved in sports with their children, he soon found […]