Spectator Ticket Sales is Live

No, I don’t know where the tester came up with this clip art.  The production version will be the Tournament image.

We are happy to announce that spectator ticket sales are available now!  And just like everything we do here at TourneyGo, we have done our best to design it to make it as beneficial to the tournament director as possible.

The ticket creation is flexible.  You can create as few as one ticket or as many as you desire.  Each is assigned its own price.  You can also create as many discount codes as you need.  They can be applied as a dollar amount or percentage off discount.

Users will be able to purchase tickets at they time the register their athletes.  We are also offering an account free ticket purchasing option. This is perfect for general spectators without athletes that don’t need an account.

We are offering two reports with the ticketing option.  The first is a ticket print itself.  It will allow you to provide a printed ticket and keep a tear off stub.  The second report will include the purchaser name and general information as well as the number of each kind of ticket they purchased.  This is designed to not only allow you to track your ticket revenue but to be able to present other forms of “tickets”. i.e.  wristbands, pre-printed tickets, or badges.

The best part of tickets?  It is included with your tournament or seminar setup.  All you have to do is choose to turn it on.  

We hope you find this news as exciting as we do!  By making easier ticket sales and management, it should make your tournament entry much quicker and smoother.  It is a great offering to your athletes and spectators as well by making their overall experience even better.

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