Why TourneyGo?

So what is TourneyGo?  Why is it of benefit to me?

TourneyGo is a vision that our founder, Bob Lennard, started mulling over about 5 years ago.  He grew up in the IT industry and understands then benefits of effective software.   He also started Taekwondo with his family in summer of 2010.  This is the intersection of the two things coming together.

Like all parents involved in sports with their children, he soon found himself volunteering at the tournaments run by his school.  Eventually, in conjunction with the non-profit Texas State Taekwondo Association, he served as one of the tournament coordinators for the state tournament for several years.  (And still does today…)

It was easy to recognize that most of the tournament management was manual.  And, of the functions that were available, there were not any integration between the pieces.  With every tournament, the athletes had to register again and didn’t have any tracking of their competition history.

TourneyGo was created to try and solve these issues.  It supports both tournament registration and management.  It also supports registration for seminars and training events.

For Parents

Once you create a user account, you can add 1 or more athletes under that user.  We want to support parents of one all the way up to teams of 25 or more under a single parent or coach user.   After adding all the athletes, registering for tournaments is a simple as selecting the events you want for each athlete.

You only create an athlete once. Afterward, you can register that athlete for any tournament run on TourneyGo.  You only have to update weight and rank when needed.  Plus the system provides each athlete with a complete history for all tournaments in which they participated.

For Tournament Directors

Division and Events

The management experience was tailored by TourneyGo for the tournament director.  You control the parameters: event type, ages, ranks, weights, gender, and scoring attributes.  The software takes your input to create suggested divisions and brackets as needed.  It calculates division, match, and holding times based on your parameters.  After entering the scores, medals are automatically awarded and available to consult for award distribution. TourneyGo also supports printing of sheets for all divisions and matches for tournaments where connectivity is not available.


TourneyGo includes automated credential management for both the athletes or seminar/training participants.   The tournament director is also provided a manual interface for quick credential creation for coaches, VIPs, media, and any other type desired.  The manual interface includes a facility to capture the charges, if any, for the non-athlete credentials.  These charges are included in the overall accounting for the tournament.

Manual Entry for Tournament Staff and Users & Athletes

A tournament director has the ability to add Staff to help with the online management of the tournament.  Additionally, he can add users and athletes manually if the tournament is also accepting onsite or email/mail/fax tournament registrations.  Once again, these registrations are accounted for in the system and the athletes are included in all division and match generation.  (Please Note:  Manual user and athlete entry does not accept online payment through TourneyGo.  The tournament director enters the method used to collect payment upon registration for events.)

Full Accounting

Perhaps the most important feature is the accounting TourneyGo provides to the tournament director.  At the completion, you are able to see the total number of athletes and their registered events with detailed accounting.  No more wading through stacks of paper or 4 different worksheets to determine the registration details.

Today and the Future

The first version of TourneyGo is in production today.  We have already recognized some need improvements and are in planning to begin work on them.  We hope to be the best martial arts management software available.  That is where we need your help.  Please send us any ideas for improvements or changes here.  We want this to be the product you think of first when it comes to martial arts tournaments!

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